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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 13, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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is no new pope yet, but as that smoke poured forth dictating another half day's wait, the mood has gone from celebratory to anxious at vatican city. this morning another plume of black smoke pouring from the chimney atop the sistine chapel. the second and third votes of the conclave and still no new pope. just as last night's black smoke signaled the completion of the cardinals' first conclave vote. ♪ in partisan, honor established cardinals were not among the true contenders but more important, the electors first chance to see what favorites emerged. >> as the votes go on, a certain clarity usually arrives. i mean no one said that electing a pope was going to be easy but i imagine there is a growing clarity about what the options will be in the next few days. ♪ >> reporter: the ritualistic pageantry began just a few hours earlier when each of the
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cardinal electors filed into the sistine chapel and one by one took the oath of secrecy beneath michelangelo's iconic frescos. the enormity of the moment and setting wasn't lost on cardinal timothy dolan of new york who seemed noticeably in awe of the scene above and around him. a feeling he described on his radio show earlier that day. >> it's sort of a unique special morning, huh. i never thought i'd be doing what i'm about to do. i just hope i see you soon. >> reporter: and with two simple and ancient words. >> extra omnes. >> reporter: simply everybody out and so it began. when we do not know when it will end cardinal dolan offered a guess that we'd have a new pope by thursday night to colleagues. and so it continues and again when that black smoke poured forth it would also mean that the electorate, the 115 cardinals inside the sistine chapel would then return to their residence, the santa marta house for lunch and more
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discussion and really, robin, the first real politicking of the day before the votes continue later this afternoon. >> well, funny you should mention that, josh. thank you very much. we're going to go now to abc's cokie roberts who is also there in vatican city. of course, knows a great deal about politics and you heard what josh just said there, breaking for lunch right now. of course, everything is in secret but what's your best guess what's going on, cokie. >> oh, i think now you have the real politicking, because now they've had three ballots so they know who's not getting votes. they know they can't hold out for somebody that one of them might have thought was just really the perfect pope. so now they're starting to make, say, okay, if my guy is not going to get it, let me think about the other guy and somebody is probably working hard on them to make them think about another guy. the one thing we know is they're not allowed, at least officially, to make deals, so they're not supposed to say, if
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you elect my guy pope, he will promise to name this guy as secretary of state or anything like that. no promises can be made. but i think that what you see in here is a winnowing of the field. >> it's like you said, somebody could have thought of somebody and realizing that that is -- that person is not going to be elected pope but it's not as you said, it's not politicking like we're used to here in america. >> no, it's not, although i'm sure that it's like old-style smoke-filled rooms when we used to have smoke, you know, in rooms, but i think it's more like that kind of politicking than the open sort of convention that we've gotten used to in recent decades. but i do think that there are different views about what's needed in a pope and that's one of the reasons it's not happening immediately. some people think that the pope
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needs to come in and clean up the mess in the vatican. some people think that a pope needs to come in and be charismatic and communicative and get out in the world and talk to especially the youth of the world. some people are looking for continuity. a lot of people looking for change and so there are real differences of views inside those rooms. >> and that could be leading to why we're waiting for the fourth vote later today. okay, cokie, thank you very much. appreciate you joining us and diane sawyer is leading our abc news team coverage of the papal conclave with josh there in st. peter's square. we'll bring you all the latest from vatican city as it happens. but now to my exclusive interview with president obama. we sat down yesterday afternoon. a packed day filled with news on the pope, north korea and cyberattacks and with the president just back from a budget meeting on capitol hill i began by asking how he would overcome republican opposition to the new taxes by going around gop leaders or rolling right over them. >> i don't think it's to break or go around them.
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i think it is to identify what i call the commonsense caucus, which says we can do sensible deficit reduction with a combination of entitlement reform, some judicious spending cuts, closing some tax loopholes that nobody really defends on their own and that's what i've been talking about for the last two years. >> that commonsense caucus on the republican side, lindsey graham, kelly ayotte, other senate republicans say you see a lot more entitlement reform from you before they can sign on to any new revenues like putting -- raising the medicare eligibility age back on the table. is that back on the table? >> well, one of the things, you know, that i've discovered in some of these dinners, which is useful, people don't actually know what i proposed and it's a lot easier to have a conversation when there's something specific. >> even those who have seen your plans say they need to see more. >> i understand which at some point i take myself out of this. what i'm trying to do is create an atmosphere where democrats and republicans can go ahead,
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get together and try to get something done but ultimately it may be that the differences are just too wide. if their position is we can't do any revenue, or we can only do revenue if we got medicare or got social security or got medicaid, if that's the position, then we're probably not going to be able to get a deal. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget and he says he's challenging you to come forward with a budget that reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no, we're not going to balance the budget in ten years because if you look at what he does is you have to voucherize medicare, you have to slash deeply into programs like medicaid. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement
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package, then potentially what you have is balance but it's not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loan, family who've got disabled kids. >> you've been taking a lot of heat for the cancellation of the white house tours. the secret service says it costs $74,000 a week. was canceling them really necessary? >> i have to say this was not a decision that went up to the white house but what the secret service explained to us was that they're going to have to furlough some folks, what furloughs mean is people lose a day of work and a day of pay, and, you know, the question for them is, you know, how deeply do they have to furlough their staff and is it worth it to make sure that we got white house tours if it means you got a whole bunch of families depending on a paycheck who are seeing a 5% or 10% reduction in their pay. well, what i'm asking them is are there ways, for example, for us to accommodate school groups,
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you know, who may have traveled here with some bake sales, can we make sure that kids potentially can still come to tour? >> your director of national intelligence james clapper told capitol hill today for the first time that north korea nuclear weapons and missiles pose a serious threat to the united states so can north korea now make good on its threat to hit the united states? >> they probably can't but we don't like margin of error, right, when it comes to -- >> it's that close. >> well, it's not that close. now, what we've done is we've made sure we have defensive measures to prevent any attacks on the homeland and we're not anticipating any of that. >> let me stay in the region because james clapper also talked about cyberattacks, put that at the top of his list of threats to the united states. a couple of weeks ago the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers said we're at war with china because of their cyberespionage. they're winning that war and their government and military is behind it. do you believe that? >> well, i think, you know, always have to be careful about
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war analogies, what it is absolutely true is that we have seen a steady ramping up of cybersecurity threats, some are state sponsored. some are just sponsored by criminals. >> but some are state sponsored. >> absolutely, and this is why i've taken some very aggressive executive actions but we need congress to act. we made very clear to china and some other state actors that, you know, we expect them to follow international norms and abide by international rules and we'll have some pretty tough talk with them. >> one more question. while we're here a lot of eyes on rome as the cardinals prepare to pick a new pope and for the first time some american cardinals on the list. what i wanted to ask you about there seems to be some concern among catholics there shouldn't be an american pope because that pope would be too tied to the united states government. what do think of that? >> it seems to me an american pope would preside just as effectively as a polish pope or
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an italian pope or a guatemalan pope. >> and not take orders from you. >> i don't know if you have checked lately but they don't seem to be taking orders from me. my hope is based on what i know about the catholic church and the terrific work that they've done around the world and certainly in this country, you know, helping those would are less fortunate is that you have a pope who sustains and maintains what i consider the central message of the gospel and we treat everybody as children of god and that we love them the way jesus christ taught us to love them. >> we'll all be watching for the white smoke. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and you can see more of my interview with president obama tonight on "nightline." >> very direct. >> he was and maybe those white house tours coming back at least for kids. >> that would -- with spring break coming up. something you did talk with the president about, george, we'll
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get to those breaking new developments on the growing mass of hacking of so many high-profile people their allegedly private information posted online. now new names are emerging this morning. pierre thomas has the latest on the investigation. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. if some of these high-profile people really have been hacked we all should be very concerned. this morning, the sinister looking website has the full attention of the secret service and the fbi. after the hackers behind it claimed to have michelle obama's social security number and credit report. in an exclusive interview president obama would not say whether the posted information is authentic. but told george authorities are trying to find out what happened. >> we should not be surprised that if you've got hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of resources, that they can access people's private information. it is a big problem. >> right into the white house?
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>> again, i am not confirming that that's what happened. you've got websites out there that sell people's credit cards. >> reporter: private security analysts say the theft of such information can create havoc. >> if they have your credit report that's all they need to take over your identity. >> reporter: this morning equifax identified on the website it's confirming financial files for four high-profile people were recently compromised but the company is declining to identify them. the first lady is not the only potential victim. the anonymous website is posting what it claims is the financial information of a curious mix of the powerful and famous. ♪ >> reporter: on that list names like beyonce, kim kardashian, vice president biden and hillary clinton. and growing can now include kanye west, mitt romney, sarah palin and chris jenner. the fbi and secret service are trying to determine how much of the posted information is authentic and how it might have been stolen. robin? >> many people want to know that. all right there, pierre, thank you.
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time for other top stories developing and abc's john muller is here for josh. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a spectacular fire raging out of control south of new orleans. a gas pipeline burst into flames after being struck by an oil barge pushed by a tugboat. four crew members were injured but escaped. authorities are waiting for daylight to see how much oil has spilled. the catholic archdiocese of los angeles has agreed to pay nearly 10 million dozen to settle a claim of sexual abuse. the cases involve ex-priest michael baker would admitted to cardinal roger mahony he molested children for years. baker was allowed to return to ministry where he molested again. and this morning google is paying up to settle complaints that it collected personal data from people's wireless networks while taking photos of neighborhoods with its street view cars. the company will pay $7 million to 38 states. new battle on the war on soda. lawmakers in mississippi call passed the anti-bloomberg law to
7:14 am
take a stand against his attempt to ban large sugary drinks and will make it illegal for them to restrict portions and sizes. finally, scientific proof that women are grumpier than men in the morning. >> what? >> don't shoot the messenger. i'm just reading -- robin looks mad. it's science, sam. listen, researchers at duke university found women who don't get enough sleep are more hostile and angry than men who get the same amount of shut-eye and that's because they say women's brains are wired differently. that allows them to be better at multitasking as a result. apparently they need 20 minutes more shut-eye and robin and lara are never grumpy in the morning. never. >> why, i ought to -- >> very brave of you to do that in your first week on the job. >> well, you know, i got to pay the mortgage. >> great job. we'll turn to that strange story of the illinois golfer who got swallowed by the course, a sinkhole in the middle of the
7:15 am
fairway, scary drop for mark mihal and alex perez explains how his golf buddies saved his life. >> reporter: this was not the hole mark was aiming for when he took to the 14th fairway at annbriar golf course in illinois. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: instead of hitting a hole in one, the 43-year-old golfer found himself becoming one swallowed by this sinkhole. >> the ground didn't look like there was anything there that was unusual. by the time i got pretty close to it and was gone. >> reporter: as his golf buddies looked on in disbelief he found himself being sucked 18 feet beneath the ground fracturing his shoulder. >> one of those things where i don't think we thought about anything except get him out of that hole. >> reporter: that's when ed magaletta and the rest of the foursome advantage into action. magaletta's the brother of five nurses and fashioned a sling with his wind breaker and with the help of this ladder went in. >> i got up it in lickety-split
7:16 am
and popped out like a rabbit. >> reporter: on his way down he was terrified and couldn't help but think of the man just one week earlier had lost his life when a sinkhole opened under his florida bedroom. >> just i came to mind as i was in midair probably so i was just freaking out. >> reporter: this morning mihal is home and feeling better. meantime, the golf course is now working on filling that sinkhole. he's even been invited to return, an offer he's not sure he's ready to accept. >> i don't know if i could play that course again, especially that hole. >> reporter: he's already set a course record for making himself a hole in one. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> really? >> had to go there. >> oh, man. sam, grumpy or cheerful this morning. >> i'm constantly grumpy. everyone here laughs because it's just me. i'm just grumpy. is there a light on? i can't tell. >> see. see what i mean. see. see what i mean. let's start with some video out of cedar rapids, iowa.
7:17 am
we don't look forward to this. that rapid freeze, rapid thaw, big-time flooding and ice jams that continue. 53 river gauges in flooding. the good news no additional rain coming. that bad news that freeze thaw continues. chicagoland, windchill at 9 degrees. detroit at 18. this cold air reinforces the pattern of the chill going on in the northeast. quick look at the big board for you this morning. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast 30 seconds ago. this morning, the coldest cities on the bored brought to you by nutella.
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warmer temperatures from l.a. to palm springs. we'll talk about that in the next half hour, everyone. >> no walk and talk for you. you stay right there, grumpy. stay right there. coming up, the fight over a billionaire's money ripped right out of a soap opera. and poisoned by visine. he bragged about trying to use eye drops to make his girlfriend sick. jada pinkett smith comes out swinging defending justin bieber, taylor swift and other young stars she says are being
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are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. >> good morning, happening right now extra police officers arrest at foothill school with graffiti that threaten add mass shooting in the girl's bathroom. the print palisades sures are
7:23 am
tabbing taken and extra security will be there all week to ensure safety. it is foggy. >> it is. we have trouble in san jose. goodgood morning, we have an accident northbound 87 and it is jam up all the way from highway 85 to 17 to 880 is the best alternate. it is a five-car accident in lane two. the situation in the castro valley area, westbound 238, also at walnut creek, northbound 680 and another accident at 238 at 580 has things jammed. >> our meteorologist, when we
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>> now a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see no rain but there is extensive cloud cover with visibility at eighth of a mile in oakland. quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay to half a mile visibility in santa rosa and toward hayward. dense fog advisory for the areas shadeed in gray. that is until 9:00.
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no confusion there. black smoke coming out of the chimney at the sistine chapel. that means no pope yet. there have been three rounds of voting among the cardinals. no cardinal has gotten 77 votes he needs yet and look at thousands of people in the rain at st. peter's square this morning. josh elliott there, as well, covering it all. we'll go back to him in just a little bit. >> the cardinals are now at lunch discussing amongst themselves and there will be more voting this afternoon. and we're also going to turn to a shocking case. a man who allegedly tried to poison his girlfriend with visine. the clues she found that sent her straight to the police. >> right and will smith's wife jada with a scorching defense of justin bieber, taylor swift and other young stars. why she says they're being bullied right now. >> she may be right about that. also, a video of these kids dancing.
7:29 am
everybody wants to take a look at it but maybe it's not because of the kids. maybe it's because the boss in the picture -- wait, wait, wait. we'll show it to you. >> freeze it. >> we begin with that billionaire facing off with his former girlfriend in court. she's a brazilian soap star more than 50 years younger than him suing for $50 million. he's fighting back with a lawsuit of his own and john muller has the story. >> she is a beauty. he's a billionaire and the battle is on. george soros fighting back with court action of his own. details making the soap opera seem tame. it is a heated he said/she said that has all the makings of a soap opera. a billionaire philanthropist and sultry brazilian soap star and contentious court battle potentially worth $50 billion but this made for tv drama seemingly is playing out in real life as george soros filed a lawsuit against his former love
7:30 am
interest adriana ferreyr. 29 years old. the 82-year-old financier says his former flame best known on "marisol" became angry in 2010 after he told her another of his love interests was living in an apartment soros promised her and picked up a nearby lamp that was made partly of glass and attempted to strike soros with it. >> the police or district attorney's office never filed a criminal case, so i believe police investigators thought there was a credibility problem on both sides. >> reporter: soros' suit comes on the heels of a similar one filed two years ago by the brazilian soap star against him in which she claims he slapped her across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her. in that suit she says he tried to hit her with the lamp. >> this is a classic he said/she said type of lawsuit and these are difficult to prove.
7:31 am
>> reporter: he is ranked the 30th richest person in the world by "forbes" with a net worth of $19 billion and donates hundreds of millions each year to charity but this morning he's trying to make sure he doesn't give any of his money to his former flame. now we reached out to attorneys for both sides and received no comment. if the court documents are any indication of what's to come, this will be known as a courtroom doozy. >> boy, i'll say, john. let's talk to dan abrams about this. now you have to lawsuits in the court. i guess is this george soros' way of trying to make it too expensive to -- >> they say in sports the best defense is a good offense and i think that's what you're seeing here. you're seeing soros basically saying, fine, you want to sue me, you want to make these claims i have some claims of my own and some of the claims he's making is based out of the same episode. for example, they're both accusing the other of striking them with a lamp meaning he says she hit him. she says he hit her. with this lamp. >> how is the court -- >> that's right. i don't know how they'll determine it at this point because as you heard in the
7:32 am
thing the police showed up and determined that no charges would be filed. so this is going to be a very, very tough case is this how about the underlying claim. can she really sue for breaking a promise? >> well, look, it's very hard. typically a contract, and we could have a contract orally. you could say i want to buy your car. i'm going to pay $20,000. we have a contract to do that even if we just agreed orally but you can't just say i promise to give you a car, typically, and have that be enforceable. that's called a gift. now, there are occasionally cases where courts will do something called detrimental reliance meaning i relied so heavily on that promise, i did so much because you made me that promise that the only thing that would be fair and just is if i get some sort of money or whatever the case may be. those are very tough cases to win. she's got an uphill battle here but no question she i'm sure would love to settle this out of court for a certain amount of money unless this is purely vindictive on one part or the other. >> no. >> i mean, couldn't be, right.
7:33 am
>> just raising the possibility. dan, thanks very much. okay. to you to that bizarre story out of california. a man charged with allegedly using visine to poison his girlfriend. first she got sick then she got suspicious and it's what she found in his phone records that convinced her to go straight to the police. abc's abbie boudreau has that story for us. >> reporter: a california woman says she got a real eye opener this weekend when she discovered that her boyfriend admitted to poisoning her with visine. police say 27-year-old shayne carpenter bragged to his buddies about spiking his girlfriend's drink with the eye drops after an argument hoping to induce the stomach churning effects of drinking the drops. >> she found some texts that made some reference to if she's going to be talking crap then she's going to be crapping. >> reporter: but the alleged prank turned dangerous. his girlfriend falling so ill she ended up in the hospital. carpenter confessed to police who hauled him off to jail.
7:34 am
then ingested eye drops can cause dangerous side effects like blurred vision, respiratory failure, seizures and vomiting. >> eye drops. >> reporter: in the movie "wedding crashers," bradley cooper's character was unknowingly poisoned at the dinner table and later paid the painful price. and in real life intentional poisonings are a real problem, not just involving eye drops, but other types of poisoning too with about 15,000 incidents a year. experts say women are usually the culprits. >> they see it as something that they can control and cause someone else discomfort with very little work on their part. >> reporter: and authorities say this woman put eye drops in her boyfriend's water about a dozen times over three years and reportedly said she did it so he'd pay her or attention. as for carpenter's girlfriend she is now out of the hospital and he's now out of jail after posting a $25,000 bail, a pricey
7:35 am
prank that has no one laughing. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> good thing you couldn't hear the comments being said back and forth right here. ah. we do understand the weather, sam. >> we have cold stuff not just us that are having this real flip-flop issue with warm and then cold and warm and cold. paris, 60 degrees about a week ago and then they got this real late hit of snow this northwestern europe late season snowstorm and then you're into germany. frankfurt airport was shut down after 5 inches of show, 20 were injured in a 100-car pileup outside frankfurt and here we go with some colder temperatures in our neck of the woods, as well. bring in the colder air over the next couple of days, now that we've had the rain on the and seaboard. watch what happens with the temperatures. boston, from 51 today to 38 on thursday. philly also does the drop into 41 degrees. washington, d.c., into the 40s by the time we get to thursday and all that warm air is pooled
7:36 am
back off to the west so 77 in l.a., 87 in phoenix. we think we could have the first 90, 91-degree temperatures into palm springs looking really, really good. i know it's so e >> all that weather was brought to you by eucerin and looking at phoenix being near 90 degrees in the next couple of days. usually it's march 31st before they get to that. jada pinkett smith weighing in saying why justin bieber and taylor swift are being bullied. "dancing with the stars" surprise as we count down to the new season. guess which couple is here live this morning? there they are right there. ♪
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we are back now at 7:42 with actress jada pinkett smith on the offensive with blistering comments aimed at the media. will smith's wife coming out and defending young celebs like justin bieber and rihanna saying they're being unfairly bullied. take a look. >> you, man. >> bieber's bad behavior, taylor's love tales.
7:41 am
♪ we are -- >> rihanna's rocky romance. ♪ love in -- >> raging. >> rampaging. >> fodder for headlines but is the constant coverage of young celebrity missteps crossing the line into bullying? that's what jada pinkett smith is asking taking the media to task in a new facebook post titled "are we bullying our young artists" she posted it on sunday asking how can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them? >> jada's son is on tour with justin bieber, so she knows what justin is going through firsthand. she's also a mother of young kids and so i think for a lot of reasons she felt very passionate about what's going on and she had to say something. >> bieber's troubles in london have many calling him a good guy gone bad. smith ditcheds him writing is it
7:42 am
okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19-year-old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about? ♪ i used to say >> reporter: she also goes to bat for taylor swift who's been ridiculed for her public loves and losses writing "should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the hurk ki waters of love, heartbreak and fame?" and of rihanna, smith asks "what about being a young woman in her early 20s exploring the intricacies of love and power on the world stage." her post has more than 25,000 likes. >> a lot of people don't feel bad for these young celebrities because they're world famous, but they're still human beings. >> reporter: smith sups it up writing "we wish we could have the capacity to accomplish half of what they've accomplished along with all these challenges they face." smith goes on to ask "are these young children not allowed to grow and change just like the rest of us and?"
7:43 am
and doing it in the spotlight can be not easy. kelly osbourne home from the hospital after that she is sure. what doctors are saying about her condition. with josh in rome we're all taking insurance with "play of the day" duties. okay. >> i heard you laughing. >> these guys are showing their boss how to break dance and in the words of josh, freeze it. you'll never guess what he does next. ♪ freeze frame freeze frame now freeze ♪ ten hut! you up for the challenge suds-maker? i'm gonna need more than that to get through the rest of these dishes! i want more suds! dawn? you won't last. [ female announcer ] a drop of dawn has active suds that stay stronger longer, so you can clean 2x more greasy dishes. to get the job done. you're full of suds after all. now drop and give me twenty spaghetti bowls! [ female announcer ] dawn does more. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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7:47 am
right then, here's the "play of the day". >> got it? >> now to the "play of the day." it's hard filling in for josh. >> i know. >> with this. >> doesn't feel right. >> it doesn't. sometimes let's face it you just got to dance. you just got to dance. >> that's what i say. >> george is on every morning. >> if you only knew. >> the two perfect ones to say this to. well, okay, how about these two
7:48 am
guys, two young guys, they work for the california conservation corps cleaning up after breakfast. that's their boss next to them, john griffin. >> okay, way to go, john. >> work it. >> oh, wow. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. ♪ >> all right. >> wait. >> yes! >> i love the reaction. no, no. >> security. >> the two young men they wanted to show their moms how cool their boss is. little did they know their boss has a little break dancing in his background but john is wonderful working with these young kids. let's check in with josh. josh, how are we doing? we're trying to in your stead. >> reporter: brava, brava,
7:49 am
robin. you are absolutely playing at the vatican. the one place they're not doing that at santa marta house where the cardinals are currently at lunch although if they were, that would be the play of the millennium. wow, that was terrific. >> we miss you, josh. glad you're there for us but we miss you especially with the "play of the day." >> coming up steve carell. >> i miss you. i'm eating for all of you. >> great. great. >> live in just a little bit. don't go anywhere. ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ mr. coates, did you catch that game last night? mr. coates, that's an impressive hairstyle. ♪ ♪ [ clears throat ] mr. coates. have you been to neuschwannstein? yes, you know of it? yeah, i'm a big fan of castles.
7:50 am
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>> now from abc7 news, good good morning, traffic is moving again after a deadly crash on northbound 101 in novato, a green pickup truck overturned into a ditch at 2:00 a.m. investigators say the female driver died at scene and the three passengers suffered major injuries. >> mike is here with the foggy forecast. >> it is what i will update you about. less than eighth of a mile visibility in oakland and novato with dense fog advisory around the bay shore and over the bay water until noon. temperatures will be above average by the afternoon hours. sue? >> southbound 680 at monument,
7:55 am
an accident is cleared to the shoulder but in the live shot you can see you are bumper to bumper beyond the scene and very slow toward highway 24, the san jose still with the injury accident northbound 87 and it is very slow all the way from highway 85 which is the good
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ time to party oh, look at that wonderful crowd coming out here in times square, and if they knew who was inside here, not just john muller that's here for us, not just josh elliott, not just sam champion, steve carell, ladies and gentlemen. his brand-new movie "the incredible burt wonderstone." >> i like that. >> wonderstone. i really feel like it's a very deep movie that really touches and gets -- >> it's exactly that. it probes the depth of drama and, you know, culture, yeah, exactly. >> but you have a nice tan in
7:59 am
it. >> i do, yeah, i'm a walking terror. >> but john was saying who are you sitting next to? >> brick, the "anchorman" character. >> vaguely. >> and you start shooting the new one. >> we already started. i start on monday. >> bring brick back. >> so excited. we did a read-through, it's exactly the -- the vibe is exactly the way it was the first time around. >> i love that. >> really fun. >> keep it classy. keep it classy. >> are you a "dancing with the stars" fan? >> what's that? >> are you a "dancing with the stars" season? >> i'm on this season. >> another big announcement. >> actually we got the mystery couple behind the screen right there. they are from the new cast of "dancing with the stars." here's a clue, she thinks no one else on earth can see her. >> here's the clue, she already said on twitter who she is. >> got a big twitter following and everybody knows she's here. >> last time we tried this with dmitrichenko, the clues weren't that great. we're going to work on it, everybody, but she's coming on
8:00 am
and also bachelor sean and his new fiancee catherine getting ready to walk down the aisle on national tv this morning. a look at some of the famous tv weddings, and we ask can love really work when you say "i do" on the small screen. >> wow, it was so nice to have them here yesterday. they are just a gorgeous, lovely couple. this was not good news, though, i'll tell you, kelly osbourne and that frightening seizure that she had. well, she's home from the hospital and that's good news but the seizure, we'll talk about that and what caused the latest in that health scare. >> that's all coming up. to josh first in vatican city. josh, two votes this morning. at least one more this afternoon. no pope yet. >> reporter: and no pope yet, george, indeed, and the mood this morning actually turned from celebratory to anxious as that smoke, black and then gray and then, yes, indeed, black poured forth indicating at least another half day's wait would ensue for history's 266th pope so now in the cardinals' residence at santa marta
8:01 am
house in the vatican, just to my right a very important meal is under way and not just for what we're told are the rather spartan food choices, it is also the real first opportunity for the cardinals to speak having now seen early favorites emerge and so perhaps divine what the changing of allegiances might yield in this afternoon's first and, as you say, perhaps second votes, and to that end, i'm joined by diane sawyer leading our coverage here and again tonight on "world news" where it's conceivable, diane, we will be talking about a new pope, oh, for a table for two at that lunch. >> i'll say, the sistine chapel and then there is lunch and real work gets done there. as you said, the fact that we're into balloting this afternoon could mean that we're in for a surprise. there's some restlessness about the choice. they're taking longer, they're they're taking longer, they're talking about -- one of the cardinals going in they'll have
8:02 am
a loss of pasta because they'll need stamina coming up, but as you said, we'll be here. we have the special event coverage all day long. hello to everyone in new york and, of course, tonight on "world news" and you and i will be watching the smoke deciding together if it's gray or black. it doesn't get any better than this. >> the drama here is remarkable and i can tell you seeing the scene here in st. peter's square, thousands of upraised umbrellas, it was a giant kaleidoscope. you can feel now a palpable tension here as they realized any vote now could bring a pope. >> that's right, tonight on "world news" we're going to show you the expression of the faces from patience to, oh, what is it, oh, it's black smoke. we have that coming up. >> so we shall -- we do hope you stay with us all day long from vatican on abc, guys. >> we know you'll be there when the smoke is, indeed, white. thanks very much. to john muller and the morning's other top stories. we begin with president obama and the budget battle in washington. the president will meet with house republicans today after criticizing congressman paul ryan's budget plan for slashing programs like medicaid. in an exclusive interview with george, the president said his
8:03 am
goal was not just to balance the budget but to grow the economy, as well. and the president also said that he's asking the secret service to find other ways to save money so white house tours can resume for schoolkids. new details on that celebrity hacking attack. kanye west, mitt romney, sarah palin, kris jenner, some of the latest potential victims for a website that says is posting important personal financial information. in his interview with george, president obama would not confirm if posted information about the first lady is authentic. the secret service and fbi are investigating. and the chase bank website is finally up and running again after the company fell victim to a cyberattack. customers couldn't access their accounts for several hours. and a mistake by h&r block means more than a half a million could have to wait another six weeks for their tax refund. they didn't fill out a form properly and many affected are students who need it to apply for financial aid. in florida, cameras rolling as police chased and captured a
8:04 am
man accused of abducting a teenager and tying her in his home. he allegedly grabbed her at knifepoint while walking home from school, and she managed to escape and called 911. finally, our favorite picture of the morning, this is 53-year-old mitch seavey. overnight he became the oldest winner in the history of alaska's iditarod sled race covering the thousand-mile course in just over nine days and seven hours. listen to this. his son won last year and is the youngest winner of that race. isn't that great, in the same house, isn't that great, the youngest and older. must be a lot of pressure to be a dog in that house. >> the news that goes pop. >> good morning, everybody. how about we check out lady gaga's new wheels, shall we? not a car, almost as nice, her custom-made wheelchair plated in 24 karat gold, tufted leather seat and removable leather canopy. gaga needs the wheels while she recovers from hip surgery she had last month.
8:05 am
talking about that. the one-of-a-kind wheelchair, yes. >> removable leather canopy. >> yes, indeed, sam. >> is the sun strong or -- >> sometimes. >> i think that was one of these where can i get one? >> might be. >> thank you for bringing that up. because it's a one-of-a-kind chair created for the pop star by ken borochov for the luxury brand mordekai and you know what, no word on when she's going to be back on stage and wish her the best. everybody, take a listen to this. ♪ it comes down to reality and it's fine with me 'cause i've let it slide ♪ >> obviously that is billy joel, but the gentleman on the piano is vanderbilt university student michael pollack. this happened when the piano man was doing a talk at the university, and the student got the courage up to ask billy joel if he could play with him. >> oh, no, you got to see it. the kid gets up, hey, i want to try it.
8:06 am
>> he got the gumption. if not now, when. a great lesson, dare yourself. push yourself. he did it. billy said, come on up. they played. pollack told the school paper he sort of lost himself once they began playing, but i'm telling you, he certainly found his rhythm and, guys, when he finished, billy joel stood up and told the crowd, that's michael pollack, remember the name. the guy got chills. i do too. >> they didn't even do it in the original key. he said let's go down into the key of "c." >> michael pollack. remember that name. >> we invite him to "good morning america" any time. and get ready for some "good times" at the movies. the entertainment industry website says the '70s sitcom will be made into a feature film produced by the wonderful scott rudin. the original tv show aired from '74 to '79 and focused on james and florida evans and managed to combine comedy and
8:07 am
hot button issues that only norman lear could. i predict it will be hot. dy-no-mite! dy-no-mite! >> one more time. >> dy-no-mite! robin, give it to me. give me one. >> dy-no-mite. dy-no-mite. i love this tune, though. >> i love florida, i love the idea -- >> wait. wait. ♪ >> you're in church, y'all, you're in church. >> and that's pop news. >> now to sam now. >> and we are outside in times square. >> whoo-hoo! >> take a look at the people here this morning. wait, we got new york state of mind, we got signs up. i'm feeling -- i'm feeling -- wait. tell me where you're from with the hat. >> south texas. >> i kind of had a feeling. i kind of had a feeling. and then look on over. we got a lot of i love texas. wait a minute. there's a whole lot of texas going on over here. i see oxnard, california, down at the end. good morning, oxnard.
8:08 am
let's get to the boards. we got one or two things, and it's your birthday. happy birthday, kaley. how are you? nice to see you. let's get to the boards. here we have this connection of all this moisture coming out of the northwest. we've had 1 to 2 inches of rain. once you get outside of seattle under higher elevations you get into the hills there and get some heavier rain and that will continue today. warm weather spreads from the deep south all the way across the southern part of the country, so let me tell you,
8:09 am
>> i don't know how it happened. i just ended up in tallahassee. i just made a little right turn and ended up in tallahassee. let's go back inside though now to -- >> all: lara. >> lara. >> all right, thank you. great youd outside. here's what's happening on our "gma" morning menu. we have the latest for you on kelly osbourne, what she says doctors are saying about her surprising seizure. and bachelor sean and catherine about to say "i do" on national tv. so can love last when you do it in front of millions of people? and we reveal the mystery couple from the new cast of "dancing with the stars." there they are. who are they? we'll tell you coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. ♪ i just want to feel this moment ♪ >> "gma's" morning menu is natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. for wow. ourd
8:10 am
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8:14 am
♪ it started with a whis behr and that was when i kissed her ♪ >> the stories burning up our "gma" heat index. these are the hot stories trending right now and first up with kelly osbourne. released from the hospital after that shocking seizure on set last week and now revealing what her doctors are saying about her diagnosis. >> the alarming photo from tmz shows the startling moment after kelly collapsed on the set of her show and raced to the hospital thursday. but this morning the 28-year-old is resting at home. she says doctors tell her she had a seizure though they still don't know why. osborne tweeted "my life is now like an episode of house the impending fight against death
8:15 am
and look of fear in everyone's faces." >> seizures can be caused by a lot of things and sometimes there is no cause for a seizure that's found. >> that's a beautiful -- >> reporter: the star's health scare began when she said she didn't feel good and fell out of her chair while taping e!'s fashion police. >> her mother sharon told her co-hosts on "the talk" the entire episode was recorded by cameras. >> it was filmed so it was -- we needed that to show the neurologist so they could see what was happening. >> she has had some medical issues, but nothing necessarily get get nick or been a problem. >> she's scheduled to return to work later this week. her representatives saying doctors ran numerous tests and determined this was most likely a one-time episode of which there are no conclusive results." >> sometimes the seizure never recurs and sometimes it becomes a regular pattern and there's
8:16 am
really no way to predict which one will occur. >> for now though her mom says she's just happy kelly is on the mend. >> she's on medication. she's fine. nobody knows why she had it. but she is fine and naughty. >> and that is a good thing and we hope kelly keeps getting better and we're thinking about you, kelly. pretty scary. >> i hope it is a one-time episode. >> yeah. >> next up in heat index we all know the bachelor is getting married. you saw sean lowe and his fiancee catherine. now they're doing it on reality tv. he's joining "dancing with the stars" and they announced they'll tie the knot on tv soon. we had our chris connelly look at the track record of those tv weddings. >> reporter: the bachelor's creator mike fleiss has long harbored his own fantasy. >> one of ply dreams a couple will fall so padly in love during the course of production when it comes time to see the final rose that they demand
8:17 am
justice of the peace be present and get married right often the spot. >> reporter: monday night it almost came true because following this proposal tying a quick knot was on sean and catherine's want to get married mind. >> if it was up to me i'd go to the courthouse and get it dong. >> just so happens i am ordained. [ applause ] we got about 12 minutes left. we could do this. >> reporter: instead they say they'll be exchanging vows here on abc. date to be determined. from the 1969 wedding of tiny tim and miss vicki on "the tonight show." to 2011 kim's kris on e! it's not like they can guarantee a lifetime sean and catherine will be the fourth couple and spin-off to get free alterations. december 2012 it was j.p. and ashley. bachelor host chris harrison doing the honors. >> the bachelor phenomenon is about watching real feelings
8:18 am
unfold on television. and fans are invested. >> reporter: back in 2010 it was jason and molly getting soaking wed via an ocean much side service that didn't leave a dry eye or dress or seat back in the house. along with christa and ryan, first of their kind to do "i dos" with much ado all the bachelors woosome twosomes who wed in prime time are still going strong. can millions of witnesses help a marriage stay together? >> with millions of fans watching and sending their love, sending their well wishes, you are bound to feel that so who knows? it might make a difference. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> trista and ryan still together? >> yeah. >> and who was there. >> i was at that wedding for "gma." that was a long time ago. >> there's going to be another bachelor wedding you go to. >> maybe you'll go with me. >> okay. >> you guys can see the weldings on our website on yahoo!
8:19 am
now to robin. >> now to the topic tangoing our "gma" heat index. the countdown is on for "dancing with the stars'" big premiere and a couple sure to be very popular with the audience here with us now from the new cast get ready to welcome wynonna judd and tony dovolani. come on out! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yeah. >> wow. >> hello. >> so good to see you, wynonna. >> i don't want to let you. >> go the reigning champ. please have a seat. oh. >> i have to be very -- >> you have been rehearsing. tony, he brings the heat. >> we like to work hard. >> he brings the band yads.
8:20 am
>> time after time -- i think it's like six seasons they've been asking you -- >> sorry. >> they've been asking you to be on "dancing with the stars" and you politely say huh-uh. >> i didn't politely say no. i said heck no and i just wasn't ready and a woman, when she's ready, she's ready and this is the year that doing things i'm not comfortable with. you've been through so much. i think about you every day by the way and i think this is the year for me to show everyone out there about your -- outside your comfort zone. either brain surgery, skydiving or dancing. >> we're still doing skydiving. >> a little bit of everything. >> you always have been so good with your fans encouraging them to challenge themselves so it's great to see that you're taking some time for yourself because also we have a documentary that's coming out with your dear husband. i mean the motorcycle accident that he was in, you went from being, what, a bride to a nurse just like that.
8:21 am
>> i became a caretaker and a caregiver. >> yeah. >> and i literally took myself off the list and tony has established these wonderful boundaries like he says no tweeting after 9:00 p.m. go to bed at 10:00, drink lots of water. we practice four hours a day. this is my turn, and i'm so supported that i feel so grateful because i have a chance to -- you know all these tweeters are saying respect you scared? of course, i'm terrified to be on national television and never having danced before. there's that. >> and live. >> but you know at least i'm trying. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> and i'm doing it. >> you're in great hands right here. >> oh, yeah. >> the reigning champ. >> he keeps saying i'm the teacher. you're the student. >> yeah. >> he is a great teacher. all of the dancers are. you all already look like you're having fun. we've seen the pictures. >> the cowboy, yes, i was -- >> in chap. >> what was more special about that her husband cactus was the first time he got back on a
8:22 am
horse and so it was a very special moment for wynonna and her husband and i was a part of that. >> no. >> it was all about your chaps and all your glory. >> tell me i could wear jeans underneath. >> oops. morning show, tony. you converted your garage into a dance studio there in nashville. >> absolutely. we deploy in 24 hours. whatever you need a judd to do, just tell us. you know how strong we are. >> yes, i do. >> and we're determined and i thought, you know what and he's taught me so brilliantly just give me 100% of what you got rather than 80% of perfection. okay, don't show the first one. i've done so much better since then. >> you have. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you have a favorite dance already. >> the tango. >> so romantic. >> rrr! i'm very passionate. >> the hospitality that, you know, wynonna and her husband have shown towards me is amazing. i encourage everybody -- >> the country music fans love
8:23 am
him. it's irritating. i don't get the attention anymore. it's like oh, tony. >> i don't believe that. >> didn't i see you all singing, a clip or something. >> an audience, i started singing, the whole audience leaves. >> but you also got -- kirstie alley has given you great advice. >> she's become my sister/mentor and become very helpful. let's just say this is the hardest thing i've ever done as you know life challenges you in a way sometimes you have no idea but you know what i'm going to do the best i can and my best is good enough. i don't have to be the best dancer. i'm a singer, right? so i can enjoy myself and he's going to lead and i'm going to follow. i've never done that before in my life. >> sometimes the other way around. who knows. >> what? >> you're already a fan favorite. you just -- you bring -- >> a fan favorite. >> with your personality and your desire and we can't wait to see you both out there. >> thank you for -- you know, this is supposed to be a secret and you were tweeting. get her off twitter. >> 9:00.
8:24 am
>> he can't do that. >> 9:00. supposed to be a secret but now -- >> we were supposed to be a secret so on "gma" but you tweeted about it. >> no one told you. this is what we can expect on "dancing with the stars" beginning on monday. tony, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> give my love to your mom and your sister who could be senator judd one day. >> i have no idea what's going on in nye family. i'm the last to know. too busy dancing and having the time of my life so we'll see. >> you go for it. >> and they'll be there the first night. >> there you have it. >> see the girl doing this. >> we'll watch the premiere of "dancing with the stars" monday 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. always good to have you here. we'll be back. [ cheers ]
8:25 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. mountain view residents are concern about cancer-causing vapors. residents received a mailer from the epa yesterday about the possibility of a plume that the epa has been monitoring in the area. and the westbound is slow and c.h.p. is discussing whether or not to land a medical helicopter on the freeway to take care of this accident. we will follow this again, the accident is eastbound 80, a motorcycle is down and we have a problem on the parkway, westbound 580, another motorcycle is down. kristen? >> thank you, still a lost fog >> thank you, still a lost fog and well talk tys of walking
8:26 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience.
8:27 am
(jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> still tracking low clouds with visibility less than a 16th of a mile, and a mile in san jose. we have dense fog advisory until
8:28 am
9:00 and bay water against against until noon, ♪ we are never ever getting back together ♪ >> we all know that song now. boyfriends and they know how to break up. we are so excited to have taylor swift because we'll have a world exclusive look at the brand-new music video for her song "22" also from that smash hit album "red," a special message from taylor herself. >> looking forward to that. great to have steve carell here who is with us earlier in the hour and there he is on the couch. he's going to tell us all about his hilarious new comedy, "incredible burt wonderstone." and, george, i know you're looking forward to talking to him. >> the promos. wonderstone. >> plus how much do tony braxton and her sisters and their mom really know about each other?
8:29 am
we're going to find out. it's game show time. >> toni. >> oh, boy. >> yeah, this could get funky people. so stay tuned. i understand a very special announcement. >> yes. yes. >> i've always wondered what a bushel full of braxtons would look like here in the "gma" studio. also, we'll keep going with reality week next week. gets hotter and hotter on "gma" all week. friday we'll visit with another famous reality show clan, yep, it's the irrepressible honey boo boo and her family on "gma." >> looking forward to that. >> this friday, by the way, this friday. time, george mentioned we'll talk about taylor swift and it's big news for taylor swift fans right now she has premiered so many of her biggest hits on "gma" and we'll do another one. it's a world exclusive sneak peek at her brand-new video for her smash single "22." her red world tour kicks off today and here's taylor with the scoop on that video right now. >> hey, "gma," it's taylor.
8:30 am
it's march 1th and i'm here in omaha, nebraska where my red tour is about to kick off tonight and i can't wait for you guys to see the show or on the road and since 13 is my lucky number, today also seems like the perfect day to release my brand-new video first called "22." we shot this video last month in malibu. never had this much fun shooting a video because my friends in the video are my real-life best friends seeing it here exclusively on "gma." here's "22 ♪ ♪ uh-h i'm feeling 22 ♪ every day will be all right if you treat me next to you ♪ ♪ you don't know how many but i'll bet you want to ♪ ♪ every day will be all right if we keep dancing like we're 22 ♪ ♪ 22 >> we love it. >> what a good friend of "gma,"
8:31 am
taylor swift. that sneak peek of "22." her world tour kicks off today. you can see the whole music video for "22" on on yahoo! >> your girls will be singing that tune. >> they'll know every word. >> they'll need a little more time. it is reality week as we've been telling you on "gma" and this morning we're taking you behind the scenes of one of the hottest reality shows, "yukon men" take viewers inside what it's like to live in one of the wildest places on earth and our cameron mathison got a firsthand look. >> get off. >> reporter: imagine having to hunt for food. drill through ice to get drinking water and worry about bears every time you left the house. >> aaagh. >> reporter: the hit reality show "yukon men" on discovery channel chronicles this daily struggle for survival in one of the most isolated places in the world.
8:32 am
tanana, alaska, filled with wondrous landscapes matched but unforgiving terrain. whoo-hoo! i don't know what the temperature is but it's not warm. sam is one of the show's star, my first encounter with a yukon man. he offered me a lesson in dog sledding. >> go like that. use your feet to hold it. [ dogs bark bag ] >> you got it. >> reporter: now we're ready to roll. >> whoo-hoo! >> can run like this for a long time. >> i've had them run for a hundred miles. >> reporter: afterward stan gave me a tour of his property. it was like going back to the frontier days. >> this is the the backbone of a moose. >> decoration? >> we got them all over. >> yeah, this is a small wolverine. >> okay. this is one that i've tanned. i tanned this myself. >> reporter: and this isn't something you see every day. life in these parts may not be easy but each morning the "yukon men" wake up to this.
8:33 am
priceless. soon i'm off to meet another yukon man, charlie wright. >> welcome to tanana. >> thank you. >> reporter: he'll lead me on a snowmobile tour of canada. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> reporter: then a surprise near encounter. >> a moose just literally literally crossed in front of the path. >> right here, yeah, you see where he's jumping through the snow running. >> we just missed him. can i hear you do your moose call? >> that's kind of the basic one you would do if you were hunting a moose. >> reporter: we continue our journey. control that by going slow and this is what happens when you don't heed a yukon man's advice. >> dude, are you okay? >> no, i'm fine. around the corner going a little bit too fast. actually probably way too fast and i rolled it. soon we were back on our way and charlie is guiding me over the
8:34 am
frozen yukon river, unbelievable. >> whoo-hoo! >> in case you think this is just a man's world, meet courtney. on the show she proves that girl power has a place here. she challenged me to a head-to-head ice drilling contest. it's courtney's turn to show her stuff. >> whoa. >> congratulations. you're the champion. luckily courtney's dad pat and her brother tom have decided to give me one more shot so what did they figure would be a worthy test of my manhood? eels. pat and his son tom feed eels, lots of them to their 50 sprint dogs. come on, mathison. you can do this. there you go. oh! ah. i'm a horrible yukon man.
8:35 am
horrible. not everyone is cut out for this way of life. it's full of risks and hardship and these "yukon men" would not have it any other way. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, tanana, alaska. >> thanks to the folks there. they sent mow a great video when i came back. it was so lovely and they're so close to the antarctic like that that i appreciate that. you can see "yukon men" on friday on discovery. for more behind-the-scenes access from "yukon men" and to see what the cast and crew eat for dinner. go to on yahoo! and more "gma" reality week tomorrow with a special surprise guest you do not want to miss. >> surprises all week. >> all week long. staring at the braxtons over there getting all ready for a big game show. they're just beautiful. >> a whole lot of lovely over there. a whole lot. >> really, really and truly. >> someone just ran out of -- >> this is going to be fun.
8:36 am
hang with us. we'll go from yukon to alaska. a lovely picture you sent us a sign of spring when you see the pear trees in bloom through the south it makes me feel good, ladies and gentlemen. in the middle of virginia beach a rainbow, they say, sure is on the left-hand side of the screen and east coast, in comes colder air. this looks like a pattern that may last not just the weekend but into next week. i don't really see a shift in this for several days. it's the jet stream making a big dip on the eastern seaboard and with it comes colder than normal temperatures so get prepared. i don't think it's stormy the entire time but i really do think there's a chill in the air and all that warm air is shoved west. looking for those milder temperatures, head west, young man, young woman.
8:37 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by party city. i wouldn't tell you if it wasn't the truth, robin. >> all right there, sam. coming up next, steve carell live right here in times square. come on back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
out in times square, we are back inside with steve carell here to talk about his new movie
8:40 am
"the incredible burt wonderstone." i can't say it like robin. you play a superstar magician from the vegas strip who has lost his touch. let's take a look >> that's a lovely bracelet. may i see that for a minute. take your time. >> yes. >> ah, there we go. now, watch this. >> where did it go? >> i don't know. >> my granddaughter gave that to me. what have you done? >> it's right here. i have it. i have it. it's right here. >> oh. >> i'm a magician. i should have explained that to you earlier. >> steve carell is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> that scene is the toned down burt wonderstone. >> right. >> that's the guy. yeah, that's the guy, the hair, the tan -- >> skin lightened up a little since the movie. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> the movie is about a little boy who becomes mesmerized by magic, getting a magic kit when he's 7 or 8 years old and you
8:41 am
were one of those geeks. >> thank you. i was. you know, yeah, i had a magic kit when i was a kid and did shows for kids in the neighborhood. it never turned into anything, but, yeah, see, i was somebody who loved to not find out the trick. >> not find out. >> yeah, pulling the curtain back i would much rather not know how it was done. two camps, ones who like that and ones who don't want to know. >> you worked with david copperfield. >> he designed this big trick in the movie called the hangman. he actually designed this illusion for us to do and we -- steve buscemi and i did it on stage. it was kind of fun. >> looked like a lot of fun. we have to talk about jim ckac r carrey. >> he is out of his mind. it is like vintage jim carrey. he's just going for it. crazy. >> i mean you just never know what he's going to do. >> no, and we didn't when we were shooting neither. that's part -- >> how much did he play with it.
8:42 am
>> all the time. every take would be different. you know, he would do 20 takes in a row and be invariably funny. >> if he played a daniel day-lewis and didn't break character on set. >> no, he wasn't in character the whole time, thankfully but steve and i found when in scenes with jim the hardest part was in keeping in the scene because you just want to be an audience member and watch him -- >> wow. what are you doing. >> he's so creative. >> you're the producer of this movie, as well so you got to bring this entire cast together and it is an amazing -- >> it's a good cast, yeah. >> who was the hardest one to get. >> the hardest one to get probably jim, you know, that was sort of a long shot. i just -- you know, we made a call and he read the script and loved it but alan arkin was a real -- i just love him. >> what a perfect role for him. >> well, i think he can do anything. olivia wilde is great and steve buscemi and james gandolfini. >> great group. >> certainly is. you told us you'll start to film
8:43 am
"anchorman" but your next movie had a very different turn. you play a murderer. >> yeah. >> tell us about it. >> that, it's called "fox catcher." ben miller is directing it and it's a story of john dupont and it's very dark and it's -- yeah, it's a departure for sure. >> so you're just mixing it up a little it about. >> mixing it up, yeah. from john dupont to brick. >> we hope you learned something here this morning. >> thank you. i did. i always do. >> "the incredible burt wonderstone" opens all across the country and when we come back, a special announcement from the braxtons. [ cheers and applause ]
8:44 am
8:45 am
to you to the braxton family, hit reality show follows the lives of multi-grammy winner toni braxton and her four sisters and momma and they're here with mom, miss evelyn and
8:46 am
inside scoop on the third season which premieres tomorrow. first a look at a braxton family meal. >> guys, we have to move to bee. >> i'm allergic. >> where did it go? >> right by your feet. >> really? >> i'm not helping, am i? riverdance, go away. riverdance. if you do riverdance around these -- do the riverdance. come on, riverdance. come on, black people, riverdance. >> funny, funny, so happy to have all of the sisters here. toni, tracy, that wantowanda an in the house. how color coordinated and beautiful you are. it can't be easy. >> it's pretty simple. >> we don't have the same outfits on.
8:47 am
>> robin and i try to do that. i want to start with you, taye, you have wonderful news to share. >> well, i'm pregnant. >> congratulations. [ cheers ] >> yeah. >> so very happy for you. how are you feeling? >> well, i feel great and greedy at the same time. >> why greedy. >> what? you want it when you want it. >> this is the most i've eaten ever i think. >> well, you look great. >> thank you. >> stand up. >> all right. >> in white. >> i'm brave. >> are you allowed to say how far along you are. >> i don't have that many months to go. >> well, almost there. >> and the shoes. you're not afraid still. >> i still have to be tay-tay. >> please don't go changing. i'm thrilled you're feeling well. thanks for sharing that with us. evelyn, you must be so thrilled. >> i am. i am so proud. >> that is wonderful news.
8:48 am
little girl you take care of. >> of course. >> she's my eating partner right now. >> ooh. she's telling on us. >> i eat healthy. >> okay. >> i don't. >> and you don't have to. and you don't have. i want to ask toni, how are you feeling. >> today is a good day. >> i love that. >> struggles but i'm feeling really great. excited today. >> that's great. glad to hear that and tracy. >> yes. >> motorcycling. >> yes. >> really? >> yes, i wasn't able to do it when i was 16 because my mom and dad always said no so now i'm a grown woman. i can do this. >> what are they going to do about it? >> right. >> what are they going to do about it. i want to ask you, towanda, we saw a little bit of tension. is that still happening with your sister tay that you're sitting next to. >> we love each other and, of course, we're sisters so there's always going to be some africas and have a lot of disagreements. but the root is we all love each other and always come back to each other. >> i want to ask you treena, you
8:49 am
renewed your vows. >> yes. >> went through a lot of ups and downs. how is everything in your marriage? >> well, you know, marriage is not easy, but i think we are a true testament of for better for worse. hopefully we've been through the worse and the better is yet to come. >> girl. >> what do you think about a little game show? >> yes. [ cheers ] >> come on over. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> yeah. >> whoo! >> all right. everybody, here we go, we are going to test your family knowledge. we're calling this is the braxton family face-off and basically it's pretty simple. i'm going to ask you a question, the first to buzz in get the right answer gets a point and we will let you know what the prize is. are you ready. question number one, last season miss evelyn was set up on a date with a guy she said was so young he had milk behind his ears.
8:50 am
what was that guy's name? >> ooh. >> histaly. >> his name, you don't remember, his name was ralph. >> oh. >> ralph. what is toni know storytoer not doing -- >> no, you cheated. you don't get a point. >> thank you. >> i'm going to -- >> towanda. >> being late. >> that is correct. >> oh. >> and well, let's g we got to get going and get points. oh, my gosh, the pressure. what was the name written on towanda's cake in italy? s>> tonanda? >> that is correct. >> okay.
8:51 am
if i -- i'm going to give you a line from a song trina recorded. if you don't want to party -- >> then you got to go home. >> that is correct. [ cheers and applause ] >> i believe we have a winner and we are out of time. ladies, thank you all for playing. >> ooh, ooh. >> ow. >> sam. >> thank you. >> whoa. >> the new season you have to check out.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
tomorrow, deals and sales coming up. >> and jim carrey.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen z. caltran will release details of the opening of the new devil slide town them on highway one with a ceremony held on monday march 25. drivers the be allowed through the new twin tunnels that night or the next morning. this morning, it is still foggy. >> we have live doppler 7 hd showing the clouds are letting up in novato and concord but, still, very thick in napa and oakland and half moon bay with a dense fog advisory until 9:00, and temperatures, now, through the weekend, are above average. >> early injury accident, eastbound 80, with a motorcycle down has been cleared but the traffic remains very slow now.
8:58 am
had to land a medical helicopter on the great were to get that out. new motorcycle down, westbound 80 at willow and slow out of >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the series, "the vampire diaries," ian somerhalder, and from the new film "the call," abigail breslin. plus, get ready to meet our next unstoppable mom finalist all next on the emmy award-winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause]
8:59 am
kelly: nice. michael: didn't get enough last night? kelly: i can barely move. wow. thank you. nice. hello. it is wednesday, march 13, 2013. you will have to forgive us. we had a little work party last night, and now my toes hurt from dancing. michael: i was wondering why you were very tender and ginger on your feet. kelly: this morning i said my toes hurt. mark said it could have been due to your dancing. i left it all out on the dance floor. now it's just up to america to vote. michael: you did. you came into the room and the band started playing and you were like


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